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Section I: About the Ratejokes Privacy Policy

This Ratejokes.com Privacy Policy is a part of Ratejoke's TOS. Users must carefully read, fully understand, and unconditionally agree to Ratejokes TOS prior to reading this Ratejokes Privacy Policy as some terms and references used in this Privacy Policy are in accordance with terms and conditions set by the Ratejokes TOS.

Section II: Account Information

Account information includes but is not limited to your name, email address, and your home address. Ratejokes shall not display your email address to other users. Your home address if provided is considered to be private data and shall not be displayed to other users. Ratejokes reserves the right to distribute any part of your account information including your name, email address and home address to other organizations.

Section III: Profile Information

Some of the information you provide in your account profile is different from your account information. Your profile information is intended to be publicly available to other users of Ratejokes. Ratejokes reserves the right to distribute your profile information to other organizations.

Section IV: Other Information

Any data, content, material, message other than your account information and your account profile that you provide to Ratejokes may be made publicly available. This includes but is not limited to any posted joke(s), poll(s), poll result(s), survey(s), feedback, and/or picture(s). Ratejokes reserves the right to distribute this data to other organizations.

Section V: Cookies

Ratejokes sets and accesses cookie(s) on your computer. You will need to have cookies enabled on your browser in order to use your Ratejokes account. You hereby agree that you will in no way set, change, modify, and/or otherwise directly access cookie(s) set by Ratejokes on your computer.

Section VI: Improper Access

Ratejokes forbids users, visitors, viewers, guests, or any other party from attempting or successfully gaining access to data that is not meant to be available to public. This includes all successful or unsuccessful attempts to wrongfully view or in any way access other users private or contact data or any other Ratejokes data, program, file, database, document, content, material that is not meant to be publicly available. This also includes attempting or successfully gaining access to other users' accounts. More information in regards to proper use of Ratejokes can be found in the Ratejokes TOS.

Section VII: Emails Sent to Users

By creating a Ratejokes account, the user hereby understands and agrees to the fact that Ratejokes, its affiliates, officers, system operators, associates, and/or representatives may and in all likelihood will from time to time send emails in regards to the user accounts, new features, or any other topic whether or not associated with the site to the email address provided by the user. Users are expected to submit valid and "active" email addresses.

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