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Category : SEX JOKES
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Johnny Godeeper

There was a little boy, Johnny Godeeper. Well, one day he went to school late and the teacher said "Johnny, this is your third time being tardy! I'm gonna have to keep you in at break."

So, break came around and Johnny said, "Teacher, take off your shirt",
The teacher said "No"; So Johnny said, "If you don't, I will tell my mommy who is best friends with the principle who will fire you."

So she said, "Ok". Next Jhonny said "Teacher, Take off your skirt", She said, "No" and then Johnny repeated himself, and then she said "ok" next he says "teacher, take off your bra" she says "no" and then he once again repeats himself and she says "ok" so then he says "teacher, take off your underwear" she says "no" then again he repeats himself; and so, then Johnny says "teacher, lay on the desk and spread your legs open"; she says "no" then he repeats himself one more time; then she says "ok" then he gets on top of her and starts to fu*k her then later his mother comes in and yells "Johnny Godeeper!!!"

Then Johnny says "i cant, I'm too little!"

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